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  • How To Go Fragrance-Free, Part One: Squeaky Clean
How To Go Fragrance-Free, Part One: Squeaky Clean
Written by
Alonna Shaw
February 2013
Written by
Alonna Shaw
February 2013
Good thing I have writing to keep me busy, since I spend so much time alone. Fragrance has become an invisible fence between me and scent-using people.
I'm sharing a little about my life, "going fragrance-free and loving it." I’ve found that squeaky clean feels good, fragrance hurts. Clean is liberating, no more irritation. Clean is better for my skin, eyes, nose, and lungs. Perhaps yours, too.
Introduction: My alter ego, Alecka Zamm's goal is "no more freakin' fragrance." Unfortunately she only watches over my desk. I wish she could watch over us all. In my alter ego's post "I'll Take the Laughs But Not the Fragrance," Alecka Zamm explained a bit about chemical sensitivity. This is why I must go without fragrance and avoid scents at all cost.
Sans fragrance in your bath products is the way to go—
whether you are sensitive to scent, a hunter, or a fragrance purist.

While in my teens, I was an Avon rep going door-to-door selling makeup and fragrances. I remember a promotional contest for Avon's newest scent. We reps had to sell a certain number of bottles to "win" the prize, a fancy robe and nightgown set. The duo was pink with a delicate swirling-flower pattern. The nightgown had thin straps and the cut was trim, something I thought of as sexy. As a teen approaching adulthood, to me, this polyester set represented more than making a quota and winning a contest, it meant being a grown-up. I made the quota, received the set, and wore it throughout my early twenties. I doubt that the fragrance bought by my Avon customers got as much wear as that set did.
I'm still a sucker for promotional items and just tried a "free" sample for a hair conditioning treatment, which was advertised "without added fragrance," but did have natural oils. (what is fragrance-free?) As I walked past my husband, he asked what that smell was… the dreaded Fragrance Trail!—an unpleasant odiferous wake in the air accosting those behind you. After washing my hair three times, my eyes still itch and the killer headache is no fun. Free sometimes costs too much.

The fragrance trail is a wake of hurt—
causing eye and skin irritation plus breathing and brain short-circuiting issues.
I walk a line... 
My go-to fragrance-free bath products!(continued here

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