After Six Tries, I make NYT Modern Love!
Written by
Caroline Leavitt
February 2013
Written by
Caroline Leavitt
February 2013

The New York Times' Modern Love is really the Holy Grail for writers. I've tried to get in there six different times, but I've always been politely rebuffed. My subject matter was too far back in the past. The tone wasn't right. I finally gave up, until a few weeks ago I was talking to another writer about how important my tortoise had been to me and she said, "That's a Modern Love." So I wrote it. And it appears today! I hope you will read!

AND I am thrilled to report that I just sold my 11th novel, CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD, on the basis of a synopsis and a first chapter. Now I have to go write it!

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  • Gina Marie Lazar

    Congratulations on getting your beautiful story published. It gave me a new perspective on the wisdom of tortoises. :-) And it's a good thing you got away from that ex; he sounded uber-critical. Who needs that?

  • Barrie Trinkle

    Read it, loved it! I'm a fan of Modern Love, but it can be a real downer at times; someone out there is teaching young writers that "bittersweet" is the tone to take with love. Yours was blessedly different.

  • Edith O Nuallain

    I loved it! A quirky tale which captured the nuanced madness which seems to characterize the perspective and world vision of so many writers. So good to feel at home! And yes, reading, watching old movies and hanging out (with or without tortoises!) is always a perfect way to spend an evening!