Blizzard Conditions
Written by
Erin Smith
February 2013
Written by
Erin Smith
February 2013

I know most of us in New England are trapped under feet of snow right now. I don't know about you, but cabin fever is beginning to get the best of me. So I decided to blog about what makes me thankful for this opportunity to do nothing. While writing, I began to focus in on one moment- watching the birds in the yard- that brought me peace and reminded me that we need to recognize and respect the present because we never know which moments may bring us comfort in the future. Enjoy!

Be Thankful for the Present

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  • Kathryne Arnold

    Really like your blog. I can relate, as I am from up north and remember times in my childhood when we were buried under feet of snow. Some of my fondest memories involve snow and cabin fever, playing with my siblings and spending quality time with my parents. Take care and stay warm and safe!