Bumbling Around

 I like to peer into rabbit holes and go bumbling around in fields of weeds. Digging around in a literary excavation, I unearthed this quote by Victor Hugo.

And above all do not pick and choose. Contemplate at random.

In Ursula K. Le Guin’s story, “The Lost Children”  the author applies more imagination than any one person has a right to possess to the old Pied Piper story. When your inner child escapes because she notices something you are not paying attention to, might she get so bored with you she does not return?  Does she stay at the edges of your world, or get lost in the weeds?

It's something to contemplate.

Le Guin pulled together an old legend and a modern psychological construct. I went in search of a simpler word to describe this process of cross-fertilization and came up with gamete, a germ cell with some specific characteristics I don’t choose to elaborate, but how apt is this word? Le Guin took the germ of an old idea and created something new.

Gametic, adj. [my definition] a mature idea capable of initiating the formation of a new thought.

Try using that that word in a sentence! Better yet, put a radically new spin on an old idea that causes your reader to think differently.

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