The Stranger (Part 2)
Written by
Amanda Davis
January 2013
Written by
Amanda Davis
January 2013

I looked to my left and to my right thinking he couldn't possibly have been talking to me.  A man that looked like that, well, they don't usually talk to women who, well, looked like I did.

"Where were you headed?  I honestly don't mind the detour.  I'm in no hurry, in fact, I really hate going to these stupid parties.  I'm no good at mingling," he said with a smile noticing my hesitation.

I cleared my throat and tried to gain my composure.  This was not like me to even be thinking about this.  I worked freelance all the time.  Anonymous tips were my specialty.  I could usually handle myself being thrown into any situation.  I could talk my way out of most anything.  I knew how to get someone to feel comfortable enough to talk even when they weren't sure they should.  So, the fact that just standing here looking at him seemed to do odd things to me, things I couldn't quite understand, things that emptied my brain of coherent thought was not sitting well with me.  I had to stand my ground...or at least try.

"Look, I know you're just trying to be helpful and all, but I'll be fine."

He gestured for me to climb in first, "really, I insist."

"Really, so do I."

I tried to be firm and turned back to the street to wait for another chance to catch my own ride.  He wasn't privy to my hints.  He was being so damn pushy.  My foot tapped both anxiously and because my bare toes were freezing.  Ignoring him should make him go away.  I was hoping that he'd just get in that car and drive off giving up on talking me into it.  If I just stood my ground with my back to him, eventually he'd leave.  I placed one foot on top of the other trying to warm them up with my body heat.

Apparently, I wasn't going to get off that easy.  I could still feel his presence behind me.

I glanced back toward the restaurant searching to see if I had time to think this through or not.

Think?  Think about what?  What was there to even consider?  The answer was obviously no.  There was no way I was leaving with a complete stranger.  It went against everything I had been taught growing up.  When your father is a detective who witnessed every kind of evil do despicable things those kinds of rules and warnings tend to be pounded into your head and end up sticking with you even though I was a grown woman.

The unexplained flutter of my heart and the flurry of butterflies that were dancing in my stomach were leaving my normally rational mind a confused mess.  The strange part was that the feelings weren't in a frightful, oh no, he's a bad guy kind of warning way.  No, this was more like the, he is gorgeous and why the hell is he talking to me, who the hell cares just go, kind of way.

My inner voice, which incidentally painfully sounded a lot like my father's voice, was screaming at me telling me that I needed to shake this guy and get my own ride.  Reasoning told me walking home would be better than climbing into a stranger's car, into his car, going God only knows where.

But, for some reason I hesitated.  Why was it when I looked into his eyes I felt as if I could trust him?

"You know, you'll probably be out here all night long.  It's going to be really difficult to get one tonight on your own and I hear that we are expecting snow tonight,"  he persisted gesturing with his eyebrows at the sea of people and then slight up toward the sky.

I looked up to the sky noticing the cloud cover rolling in and down to the cars as they continued to be filled up with people and driving away.  "I, um, I- I- I don't know."

Sure it might be difficult, but it couldn't be impossible to get a cab tonight.  Eventually one had to come by and pick me up.

Almost as if on cue, a strong gust of wind swept between us so numbingly cold it pierced right through the thin fabric of my dress and straight to my bones.  I shivered.

"What don't you know?" he asked seeming to be unfazed by the blast of arctic air.

"Who you are.  Why you want me to go with you.  Why I'm even thinking about if I should go with you or not," I spewed out most everything I was thinking as I turned back to face him.

"Look, I don't mean to assume and I don't presume to know who or what it is that you are running from, but standing here debating on a free ride when you are clearly freezing cold and barefooted seems pretty silly to me," he said his smile growing bringing a twinkle to his already mesmerizing eyes.

I stared for a moment, unable not to, my eyes traveling down his jawline lightly peppered with stubble.  My gaze wandered to his lips, the corners pulled up slightly into a  half smile.  I found myself briefly wondering if they were as soft as they looked.  The light changed ever so slightly on his face and I suddenly noticed the faintest sign of a dimple centering his cheek bone.

A horn blared startling me and snapped me out of the spell he seemed to be puttiing me under.  That was the only way to describe why I was studying his features and thinking any thoughts of leaving with him.

Then it hit me.  How did he know what I was doing?  Who was he to judge?  My life and the way I chose to live it was none of his matter.  I just met this guy and he assumed that he knew me and all about what I was doing?

"Then don't assume or presume because you don't know and that's rude.  Why should I trust you anyway?"  I asked and silently wondered why I was even going down this road.  "Maybe you're a bad person who does bad things to people who climb into that car."

"Ah, now who'd presuming and assuming?  Why shouldn't you trust me?  Trust has to start from somewhere, right?" he shot back shrugging and flashing me an irresistible smirk. "Maybe I'm not the kind of person who does bad things to people."

"But, I don't know you.  Trust starts with common ground.  How can I trust you when I know nothing about you?"

He removed his elbow from the door and his hand from his pocket swinging the jacket around draping over his forearms now crossed across his chest.  The palms of his hands resting over the bulges of his biceps, "but, you do know who you are running away from and I can see how entirely you trust them."

Where did he figure that out?

"Look, I don't know what you are talking about and I don't appreciate your assumptions," I tried to play off hoping it would make him leave me alone, "I'm just trying to go home."

"You know, whatever it is, I'm sure you have a very valid point as to how your actions got you here in this situation.  I'd love to hear your side of the story, that is, if you'd like to tell it.  You probably have about five minutes before they eventually make there way over here and catch up to you.  Do you really want to hang out here and have this conversation?  Or would you like to leave and go home?"

"You have no right to judge me or my actions," I started to respond, but then quickly shut my mouth when I heard my name being called in the distance.

Kat, why couldn't you just let me go?  She knew this was going to happen.  Why was she looking for me?  I rolled my eyes and then squeezed them shut clenching my jaw as I stifled the curse word that was threatening to escape.  Of course she'd come to find me, because if she didn't, then my date would and she wasn't going to let me cornered by him alone.

This was going to be my one and only shot and this man standing in front of me knew it.  I knew it.  If I waited here, Kat was going to put on the show and insist that I go back, relax and have a good time.  I had made her a promise before we left that I wouldn't do this.  Things hadn't gone according to plan all night long anyway.  He'd taken things the wrong way.  He took my being nice as being interested in more than the story.  I could take the innuendo, I'd heard it all before, but when he couldn't stop staring and when he'd touched me...I was not going back in there.  Kat was going to have my ass for this.

So I panicked.

"Fine," I said and dove into the back seat scooting all the way to the other side.  "You happy now, you win."

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