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Written by
Carol Roan
January 2013
Written by
Carol Roan
January 2013

I was co-editor of When Last on the Mountain: The View from Writers over 50. I, too, believed strongly that contributors should be paid, but we had to settle for free copies and unlimited copies at 50% discount. We charged no reading fee, of course. We had 2,039 contributors from all over the world, including poets laureate, major award winners, including a Pulitzer. Why? Because THEY believed in the project - it became theirs, as well as ours. If you can't sell the worth of this project to "names," how can you possibly sell it to readers? If you're offering it to beginning writers as a way to build their platforms, then the least you could offer is the promise to not only read their contribution but critique it. That might be worth a reading fee. 

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