How Outsourcing Changed My Life
Written by
Alleli Aspili
January 2013
Written by
Alleli Aspili
January 2013

The definition of outsourcing and the birth of BPO is no stranger to us, especially today when it has become a trend and an issue in the business world as well. However, people should probably be thankful of this process – whoever they are and whatever they do. Outsourcing is simply contracting a set of tasks from your company to another company. The term can also be used by individuals, self-starters, and entrepreneurs or basically just by anyone who wants to pass work to another party.  These people should be grateful because it has changed their lives – positively, of course.

I am one of those people. I do not own a company, I’m 21 and I’m still young enough to learn more things. I started working when I was 19, after I graduated from college, and the niche of the first company I worked for is slightly related to my course – internet marketing. I’m glad I was able to start my career there because I learned a lot. However, things didn’t go so smoothly, so I stopped.

I stopped and relied on many outsourcing platforms all over the World Wide Web to earn income. That’s one good reason why I should be gratified. Without the idea of “outsourcing”, those platforms won’t even exist and I won’t even get the chance to work at home. I became a writer and because of my experience as an assistant team lead in an SEO company, I worked on various link building tasks as well. I was a freelancer to make it short. I became one for less than 3 months and really learned a lot.

Another reason why I am thankful is that I learned things I didn’t know before and became more experienced in my field. I’m grateful because through outsourcing, I had connections with experts who are more qualified than I am. I had clients who taught me a lot and had clients who taught me the true meaning of business.

Outsourcing gave me the knowledge and skills I didn’t have before. Outsourcing taught me how businesses, especially the local ones, can have opportunities all around the world. Outsourcing taught me that being dynamic involves risks but future profits as well. I know how an outsourcing company can drive knowledge to individuals like me. 

I finally became more prepared than ever that’s why I landed on this current position I have today. I have been working in a BPO company since October 2012 and I have been applying all the things I learned.  I know how outsourcing works and why businesses consider doing this kind of process today. I love my job and I would give all the credits to outsourcing. There will definitely be more changes with me along the way – my expertise, skills, knowledge and perspectives. I’m looking forward to a more successful me and everything would depend on my job, the company I work for, and the people around me.

I would very much like to hear from you regarding your work experiences and how they changed you.

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