The Stranger (Part 1)
Written by
Amanda Davis
January 2013
Written by
Amanda Davis
January 2013

My hand flailed wildly as I leaned into on coming traffic, teetering on the curb.  I was trying desperately to flag down an escape vehicle.  My time was limited, soon they'd know I hadn't gone to the restroom and come looking for me.  I had to act fast.

"Taxi," I shouted waiving my arm at the river of yellow passing by.

When I was not answered by the pulling over of a cab I grumbled and turned continuing to walk briskly down the sidewalk.  I stole a glance over my shoulder to make sure no one inside the posh restaurant knew what I was doing out here.

"Taxi," I tried once again turning toward the street waiving desperately.

Maybe it was a good thing I'd failed yet again, I didn't know if I even had enough cash for fare to get me home.  I huffed and picked up my pace heading as far away from this disaster as I could get.

The chill in the air tonight stung against my bare skin and made me wish I hadn't left in quite such a hasty manor.  The sheer shall around my shoulders just wasn't doing the job.  I would have been nice to have my jacket.  Wearing a spring dress on a winter night hadn't been such a swell idea.  The silky, soft grey fabric with large air brushed deep purple flowers and dark green leaves was the only dress I owned and since I wouldn't let Kat buy me a new one, she insisted that I wear this.

But, then again, if I had grabbed my jacket I would have raised Kat's suspicions.  I had barely been able to pull of going to the ladies room alone so I could sneak out the kitchen I couldn't imagine trying to justify taking a jacket.

"Taxi!" I yelled waiving my arm as another seemed to ignore my plea.

I continued walking down the crowded sidewalk, keeping my head down, trying to dodge most people as we passed.  I couldn't help but bump into a few shoulders seeing as how it seemed as if the whole podunk little town was out tonight. I quickly apologized to those I brushed against while trying not to slow my pace.  I knew Kat would come looking for me soon and the best thing I could do was get lost in this crowd.

I ditched my heels, clutching the straps in one hand, opting to go barefoot.  The concrete sidewalk was like walking on ice, but I was much faster this way rather than teetering on the two inch heels and risk me taking a spill.

"Taxi," I tried again desperate to get into a vehicle.  I almost would settle for anything with wheels.  The anxiety that gripped me was suffocating.

I joined a sea of travelers coming and going from a ritzy hotel that was just a block from the restaurant I had left.  As many times as I'd driven by it, not once had I ever glanced at it and actually looked at the  place.  Why should I?  It's not like I'd ever could afford to stay at a place like this anyway.  The only ones who could afford it were the ones who came here to get away from the hastles of the big city; celebrities, corporate big wigs and even a politition or two.

The arched main entrance was brightly lit and bustling with activity.  It was late in the evening so everyone was in a hurry to not miss their respective parties.  I guess that's what normal people did on holidays like this one; enjoyed other people's company while cheering in a brand new year with new hopes, new dreams, new wishes.

I shook my head.  Hopes and dreams were for the young and naive or the stupid and ignorant.  I knew better.

A large red carpet rolled out from the front entrance.  I almost laughed seeing that the carpet was coming out from one of those turn-style doors that I'd only seen in the movies or on television shows.  Each patron exited one by one as the door continued to spin round and round.

Huh...those things really existed?

The carpeted area was covered by the arched walkway that ballooned into a huge covered carport where you could exit your vehicle without worrying about the weather touching their expensive clothing or perfectly placed hair.

The women all had their hair immaculately pinned, their eyes glittery, lips brightly hued for the night.  Expensive jewels dripped from their ears and dangled from their necks, giant golf-ball sized gems sparkled from their fingers.  The dresses were just as spectacular as everything else about them and no two were alike.  They all made their way to the waiting limos and taxi's that were desperate for the business.

I looked down as myself.  I could be worse.  At least I was dressed up a bit.  My hair wasn't near as perfect even without the trek over here that sent strands in wild directions.  My hand absentmindedly ran through it in an attempt to smooth it down. I hoped I didn't stand out too bad among these rich somebodies that could afford this place.  Maybe that's why I was so blatantly ignored; the cabbies were sure to get substantially tipped tonight if they got their attention, not mine.

"Man, I'm never going to get a cab here," I thought to myself as I lowered my aching arm again.  "Maybe if it wasn't New Year's Eve, you ding dong, it wouldn't be this hard.  Boy did you get yourself in a pickle this time."

"Shit," I spat out loud at my realization rubbing my forehead with my fingertips and stomping a cold foot.

I should have remembered that obvious fact.  That was after all the whole reason for Kat dragging me out of the house.  That and I was looking for a way to wedge my way into getting some personal info from my client.  Stupid Kat said this would be the perfect way to do that.  But, if it were up to me, I'd much rather be home, curled up on the couch, snuggled in my favorite blanket with my bottle of cheap champagne counting down to midnight with Dick Clark.

"Need help catching a ride?" A smooth male voice asked from behind me.

Goosebumps sprung up on my arms.

"Thanks, but I got this," I snapped keeping my eyes on the street continuing to watch for incoming taxi's.

"Well, I happen to have a ride right here.  It's ready to go and there's room," he paused, a smile behind his next words, "that is, if you don't mind sharing the backseat with me."

An odd sensation filled my stomach, a wave of something unexplainable, yet slightly pleasant washed over me as I attempted to flag down another taxi that drove by.  I tried to ignore him.  I tried to ignore the fact that I could feel his eyes one me watching as I waived to the vehicle as it drove right by me.  For the second time tonight, I attempted to ignore the urge to panic.

"Well, I do mind and I got this," I answered annoyed.  I hoped that would be enough to make the meddling stranger go away.

I yelled once again for a cab and watched it drive right past me.  I couldn't help the exasperated sigh that escaped my mouth.

"My offer still stands."

I lowered my arm slowly and turned in his direction frustrated with his persistence.  Was he implying that I couldn't take care of myself?  Just because every one of these taxi divers had driven right past me as if I didn't exist and I hadn't any success as to getting one to even slow down let alone stop wasn't any reason to think I couldn't do this.  I could and do take very good care of myself.  One had to stop, eventually.

The second my eyes fell upon him I felt my instinct to argue melt away, words fled from my mind.  My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw him standing there in a move-star like pose with his elbow leaned up against the back door of a black sedan.  His fingers precariously dangling a charcoal colored jacket over his right shoulder, right foot nestled in a black patent leather shoe crossed over his left resting on the rubber sole.   His left hand shoved into his crisply pressed pants pocket.

My eyes paned back up his well-built frame noticing the iceburg blue button up shirt was nicely fitted and without a tie.  A couple buttons were left undone at the top and thus exposing a few stray chest hairs.  The shirt tucked neatly into his slacks secured  by a thin black leather belt.  The long-sleeved cuffs were rolled up his arm just enough to expose a large watch on his left wrist.  Hazel eyes beamed at me from under the brim of the matching fedora.  A smile played on his shadowed face as he waited for my response.

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