Inspiring and Memorable Names and Places

While I appear to have no problems writing stories, I still run into problems in three major areas.

  1. character names
  2. title of the story
  3. writing my synopsis

Today I wrote up a list of title names I had been toying with using. I shared them with a dear friend, and she threw down the veto card. Now I'd like everyone to keep in mind that I trust her opinion. If there had been a title that I was in love with or I felt it fit, then I would not have asked her at all.

This eventually led me into problem number three, the synopsis. Oh how I dread thee. Either I don't give enough or I give too much. It is a fine line of balance that I fail to grasp. But this really is another story for another day.

Now where am I going with all of this?

Ah yes, #1...I have tired of spending countless nights trying to name my characters. I have a system now of how every one gets that wonderful identity. I call it...nope it doesn't have a name yet.

I take history or mythology, find something that represents a trait or quality, and I go from there. My most memorable use of this system is evident in my second book, Prophecies: The Sacrificial Rite. I used Norse names in my Lycan clan known as the Fenrir. In the first book I relied heavily on Scottish clan names, and both books feature Scotts Gaelic.

If this system fails me, I have been known to visit the name generator or pop open baby name books too.

The next time you're in a naming/writing rut, look to the past for inspiration or guidance. Now if I only took my own advice.

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