What's wrong with me?
Written by
barbara johnson
January 2013
Written by
barbara johnson
January 2013

I've previously mentioned that I'm making a major life change; I think leaving my husband of twenty seven years is major. In looking for furniture to make the place where I will be living liveable, I find that I don't want things to match. My husband has always chosen the furniture we bought. It was too much hassle to argue with him; I let him choose and I lived with it. I've been shopping in thrift stores, junk stores, yard sales, etc. Have found some pieces I love, very inexpensive, but I love them.

Today my sister and a friend went with me to look for some tables for the living room. They loved the brass and glass stuff that my husband would have loved and hated the rustic wooden tables that I loved. We left without buying anything. I will go back alone and get what I want. They think that because I have always lived with what my husband chose that I would want those things. I tried to tell them that I hate those pieces - they refused to listen. I refused to buy what they chose for me! 

My sister's house, in central south GA, looks like it should be on a beach somewhere with lighthouses and palm trees on every surface. My friend's house is ultra modern with leather and the biggest TV I've ever seen outside a bar. I want my house to look like I put it together over the last 50 years from my grandmothers attic and castaways from deceased relatives. That's what I'm going to have, damn it! I don't comment on their houses.

As we say here in the south; they can like it or lump it!  

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  • Susan Miller

    Stick to your beliefs and wants Barbara. It's the only way to be true to yourself...Brave post! :) Susan