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  • Out Of Print ( My Disaster Story With My First Book )
Out Of Print ( My Disaster Story With My First Book )
Written by
Jackie Joice
January 2013
Written by
Jackie Joice
January 2013

Out of Print


Usually we learn about books being out of print after decades of runs. Usually these books become the topic of discussions among many book clubs and internet radio programs , and are listed on a Los Angeles or New York Times Best Seller’s list, before they are out of print. But I never would have expected my novel, Kanika’s Burdens to be out of print in less than a year. Throughout  my literary career, I vowed not to be a victim of predatory or unprofessional publishers. I did my research, asked around and/or followed my intuition.  This time however, with a manuscript that I wrote over a period of 9 years, it happened to me.

It was unexpected although I did over look the fact that when I first spoke with the publisher, Jacob Burrage of  JB Publications, I asked him what he thought of my book, and he said he didn’t know because he hadn’t read it.  Right then, I should have excused myself from the conversation but I didn’t.   My novel, Kanika’s Burdens was available in September of 201l,  Although, I asked the publisher, Jacob Burrage of JB Publications to make it available in Jan of 2012. Here’s where it all began. Burrage was consistent in returning emails and Facebook messages, but then all of sudden, communication was horrendous. I spoke with 3 other JB Publication authors and they were experiencing the same type of lack of communication.  I think the first red flag, was when Jacob and I talked about having a joint book signing together in Las Vegas. We set a tentative date, I created an outline and everything. When it came close to the date of our plans, I heard nothing from Burrage. I found this very odd.  If Burrage knew he wouldn’t be able to go to Las Vegas as we had discussed, why wouldn’t he just call or shoot me an email or something?  I figured the joint book signing wasn’t going to happen, but that’s beside the point, all he had to do was inform me that it wasn’t going to happen. There are way too many forms of communication in this day in age not to communicate effectively.

 Until this day, I have not received any royalties. My first royalty check was due on April 30th   of 2012.  I contacted Burrage a week after the 30th and asked him why was my check late.  Burrage’s response “because I’ve been swamped.” I was dumbfounded on why he thought this was an acceptable excuse. Furthermore, he implied that my royalty check wasn’t that much, but that’s beside the point, it’s the principle that matters.

I tried to call him a number of times, the number was no longer working. I even mailed him my termination agreement and it came back unopened and stamped with the phrase “Return To Sender.” Luckily I had a few copies of my own to sit on some writers panel and discuss my book.  But now I have nothing. The publisher Jacob Burrage is no where to be found and has not made any attempt to contact me. So my advice to you, my fellow authors, always follow your first mind/intuition.  More importantly, if the publisher states that he hasn’t read your manuscript, but wants to offer you a contract, run the other way! Reviews of Kanika’s Burdens can be found here. Excerpts can be read here.

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