New Year Goals
Written by
Mercy B. Taylor
January 2013
Written by
Mercy B. Taylor
January 2013

Good evening friends,

I’ve never been into writing resolutions for the New Year but this time I thought I should write some short term goals that I want to accomplish this year. This past week I have done a lot of thinking and sorting of my plans this year and I think that the ones on this list are the most immediate and the easiest to do. I know that it sounds like I’m copping out of setting a challenge but I can’t have world domination in one day so I’m starting simple.

Without further ado... (skip the customary drumroll)

  • Publish Lucas.
  • Get new business cards.
  • Loose 35lbs.
  • Organize my recipes.
  • Bake a cake from scratch.
  • Read six new books.
  • Go on a trip before fall classes start.
  • Buy a guitar.
  • Furnish my new office.


What do you think of my plans? I’m hoping to check off everything, especially organizing my recipes. My closet looks like an office filing cabinet and shredder threw up in it, so I probably should have put this one on the top. Let me know your thoughts on your New Year goals as well!

I'm signing off, so keep reading and writing!

May He lead your steps and mine,


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