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  • I still read print & write letters…do you?
I still read print & write letters…do you?
Written by
Sadhvi Sez
January 2013
Written by
Sadhvi Sez
January 2013

I don't like to subscribe to a lot of magazines because I end up not reading them. The only exception is Time magazine delivered right in my mailbox; I look through it page by page and I've notice that the format is really different than how it used to be, probably because our attention span is much shorter, and we like our facts in the form of cartoons, charts, sound bites, and FaceBook posts.

Look at what happened to the hard copy of Newsweek: on October 18th, 2012, Brown announced that Newsweek would cease print publication with the December 31, 2012 issue and transition to an all-digital format, to be called Newsweek Global.

I am not getting sentimental, I'm just noticing things.

The swing to the latest and greatest ways to "share" is swinging back when I talk to people who are getting tired of FB, getting tired of being with friends who text and want to share photos on their iPhone. It was bound to happen that the hunger for real relating would result as things became more and more techy.


I still have an old typewriter that I don't use it. But one of these days, I will. Maybe I am being sentimental now, butI don't want to lose the ability to make mistakes, to look things up in a dictionary, or my ability to write cursive. I found that while writing out Christmas cards this year, my handwriting felt awkward and I had to find my rhythm. But it took a long time because I hadn't used that skill much since I do just about everything on my c0mputer's keyboard.

Here's an interesting clip from a film called : Linotype: the Movie. For me it shows a fascinating time period, where print was the latest. Maybe I am bit like the people in this film who still love something that is outdated.

I think you will enjoy it if you get the chance to see it:

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  • Yes - lots of food for thought.  I personally do not own a smart phone, I don't believe in the way they are produced.  It is funny to see many who claim to be concerned with the environment, yet own one.  If we did not have access to our technology many would panic.  I remember back in 1990 we had a blackout due to an ice storm.  The upper NY state area had power outages, some areas over a week. There were lots of people calling into the radio shows truly frightened.  Fortunately I had some experience in roughing it and we (my family of 4 children & spouse) survived without a hitch.  My point is that we depend so much on the grid and technology.  If we truly want to maintain independence, we should know how to do things off the grid - Like working old presses and utilizing typewriters :)-   I really enjoyed your post.

  • Sadhvi Sez

    Thanks for your comment, Elisabeth. And if we need to be versatile and adaptable to survive in the world, does that mean getting the latest iPhone every time it comes out? And if technology were to stop, which in some countries it has not even hit, does that make their survival rate be lower than ours if they don't do FB or pinterest? Hmmmm...something to ponder, for sure!

  • Two things come to my mind after reading your post

    #1 we need to versatile and adapt to change to survive in this world and stay happy

    #2 we should never forget the old technology just in case it’s needed it in the future

    (like if the grid comes down!)    Thank you for the post.