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January 2013
Written by
January 2013
Choosing actors that would have play my characters in my book was fairly difficult as I don’t watch a lot of shows or movies and so I don’t have a large variety of actors to choose from that I know. But I have still found a few, based on personality like Jackie Chan for the elderly but powerful village chief that matched well. For some like Channing Tatum and Arnold Schwarzenegger, their images closely matched how I pictured characters like the two large men Endragio and Adamus.
· Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård (True Blood) – Chief Luis (Young)
· Jackie Chan – Karlir
· Arnold schwarzenegger– Adamus
· Danielle Radcliffe - Blane
· Johnny Depp – Chief of Dentro
· Jennifer Lawrence – Autumn
· Ed Sheeran – Jordan of Red
· Justin Bieber - Kolt
· Louis Tomlinson- Leon
· Lewis Watson – Zephyr
· Channing Tatum - Endragio
· Meryl Streep - Delphi
· Jeremy Sumpter - Sora
· Leonardo Dicaprio - The Outsider
· Taylor Lautner - Nicholas
· Russel Brand - Hovan
· Jet-Li - Kuchi
· Tom Felton - Fonos
· Bill Murray - Vice Chief Greer
· Emma Watson - Katjul
R.J. Tolson
Author Biography


R.J. Tolson is a 19-year-old CEO, model, musician and debut novelist.
He founded the website building and computer programming company RJTIO and its divisions, RJTINC, Forever Trust Charity and RL Infinity International. He also serves as president of both the metaphysical philosophy group Sages of Essence and literary organization Living Writers.
The accomplished teen can speak 6 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Korean and Japanese. Currently studying in his second year in college, as only a freshman R.J. taught a metaphysics college level online course once a week.
A jack-of-all-trades, R.J. played varsity soccer in high school and received his black belt in nin-jit-su and senjutsu. And with his love of music and experience as a lyricist, composer and musician, R.J. releases in summer 2013 his debut album Human, comprised of house, acoustic, pop and hip/hop.
Writing is perhaps R.J.’s greatest passion. In 2012 he launched the first novel of his young adult Chaos Chronicles series, Zephyr the West Wind. Forthcoming titles from the new author include a Zephyrsequel Hugh The Southern Flame and romance novel Blood Red Love.

R.J. was born to a dentist father and lawyer/professional tennis player mother. He lived throughout Virginia, Connecticut and Washington, D.C. before heading to college on the west coast.

17 years ago, in the island village of Dentro, lived a large and powerful demon. With just a howl, mountains were obliterated. With the help of an outsider, the chief of Dentro destroyed the demon and sealed its dark power into three powerful ancient weapons: a spear, shield, and a sword. After leaving the unwelcoming village, the man who helped destroy the demon took the sword in an effort to keep it away from the village. Months later, a villager bore the son of the outsider, breaking one of the sacred village laws in doing so.
Born into a village filled with people who hated him, Zephyr grew up without knowing why they did. With no friends, and eventually no family with the passing of his mother, Zephyr was forced to survive by himself as an outcast. Zephyr’s only wish being to make his mother proud and force the village to recognize him while surviving in a world filled with demons, paranormal abilities, love, hate and undiscovered lands.




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