I put something out there!
Written by
barbara johnson
January 2013
Written by
barbara johnson
January 2013

 A couple of days ago, just fooling around, doing some research on how to go about publishing something, anything, I found an online zine having a contest for a short, short story - under 700 words. So, I read some of the stories they have previously published, read the submission rules, thought about some ideas I had floating around in my head and wrote a little ditty I had in my mind and submitted it! First thing I ever submitted!! Don't really have any expectations from it, but it was an interesting experience.

Now, for the reason I'm actually writing here: I'm making a major life change soon, years later than I should have, weeks earlier than anticipated. By the end of this month I will be living alone for the first time in my life. Having determined that I would rather live alone than live with someone who makes me feel alone, (a sentiment I read on Facebook) I'm looking forward to this change. Preparing for this change has been much more time consuming than I thought when I started this process; getting clothes, books, research materials, and other essentials ready to move has taken more time than I thought possible. Not to mention separating financial, medical, transportation, and other resources. Damn, how do two people get so entwined? I guess over twenty seven years will do that to people. Severing the dependence will be the most difficult of all; bottom line is he wants me here, he just doesn't want me. Some folks can't see the difference!

Anyway, I just needed to get this off my chest; it helps to put it down, not necessarily on paper, but in a format that I'm comfortable with. Luckily I am comfortable with this format. Although, my method of dealing with computers is like cars - if it cranks, I drive it; if it doesn't, I call somebody.

  Thanks for all your welcoming messages,


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  • Rossandra White

    Oh, oh, oh, do I ever relate Barbara. I wrote a memoir about the process, or rather more than the process because it's about you and your life, isn't it, that brings you to certain crisis points. Congrats on your decision. It will only get better. http://rossandrawhite.com/about/