New Year’s Affirmations
Written by
PM Kester
January 2013
Written by
PM Kester
January 2013

When I worked as an in home counselor for troubled children, one of my most popular assignments was affirmations.

Usually both the kids and parents suffered from some form of low self-esteem, so I would have them post affirmations on their bathroom mirrors to recite every morning and every night. Simple phrases like “I am pretty” “I am a good parent” “I am smart” really resonated with my charges.  In the end, a lot of their behavior changed and I saw lots of progress from the families as a whole. 

Isn’t the power of words amazing!

I am beginning this year with affirmations of my own.  I have posted “I will find an agent” and “you are an excellent writer” on my mirror.  I believe that so many aspiring writers stay at the level of aspiring because they don’t have the confidence to finish their works in progress.

I challenge everyone to post their own affirmations and make 2013 a great year for writers.

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