The Return of Alex!!!
Written by
Leah J. Hans
December 2012
Written by
Leah J. Hans
December 2012

Afternoon, all!

Guess what?  My dear friend Alex has returned to the high school from university for the day!  I just spent the majority of last period with him and our group, and it was so exciting to see him!  Oh, I'm so happy and squealy...we're probably going to be going out to lunch next period, too...I'm going to be flipping through the pictures of last year now and put them into an online scrapbook...I missed him!  So many memories...

In other news, my history teacher wasn't in class today, so I didn't have to present my presentation...wonderful...

I am also pleased to report that my speech is improving after a successful meeting with my guidance councillor who taught me a great strategy to slow down my speech for my presentation.  I am now using it not just for the presentation, but in every conversation now!  

As for now, it is picture time!  

Love always,



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