Fear Itself *POEM*
Written by
Leah J. Hans
December 2012
Written by
Leah J. Hans
December 2012

Don’t be scared
It’s just me
Let me in so I can crawl under your skin
So I can claim your precious loved ones
Unlock your mind so I can fill it with nightmares
Come over here and follow me
I will lead you to your doom
I can see myself in your eyes
I am anywhere and everywhere
I am on the highest mountain peaks
Just waiting to push you off
I’m waiting in your closet
Just waiting to jump out and scare you
I feed on your screams
But remember
No one else can hear them when you’re with me
And when I’m done with everyone else
I’ll come back for you.

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  • S T T

    nice! a wise person once said, "Death kills you once, fear everyday!" that is exactly all I can see in this...I want you to get published! you are one bright young woman!