How to Stay Positive - Track Yourself

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How to Stay Positive – Track Yourself

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I hope everyone out there is having a great holiday season. There is a lot of information about keeping  positive attitudes, choosing to be happy, etc. We all want to feel good, but often after catastrophes like the murders in Connecticut, it is hard to be positive. Just make sure you stay in touch with your feelings.  Allow yourself the expression you need to work out negativity.

During the holiday season it is more apparent that many suffer from depression.  Even mild depression can be a bummer.  Take some time and try this test by the Mayo Clinic (link below).  Just a few minutes and you will see if you have symptoms to warrant professional help, or at least know if you should seek someone to talk with about your feelings. Let’s reach out and help each other – and help yourself too.  Enjoy your day.

Mayo Clinic logo   Depression Self-Assessment Test

clip   The Power Of Positive Attitude

Read more and view videos via link :  How to Stay Positive - Track Yourself

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