Just found that I have been approved
Written by
barbara johnson
December 2012
Written by
barbara johnson
December 2012

I just found that I have been approved to join this group and, honestly, I'm not sure I measure up. Sixty five years old and, except for winning a pen award in a professional newsletter years ago, I have never been published. I have been playing at writing all my life, have taken a couple of creative writing courses, read a couple of books on the subject, but nothing has really prepared me for what I have undertaken.


I started, just a few months ago, to write a memoir, sort of. But the thing took on a life of its own and became purely fiction! In exploring your site, when I requested to join, I found the number of words in a typical novel. Well, I had many more than that. Immediately, I abandoned what I had started and started over - same characters, same story, but more concise writing of the whole thing. I think it's better; I hope it's better. I've only talked a little about it to family and friends; only my sister has read any of it, just a little. At what point do you 'put it out there' for others to critique?


I'm making a major life change after the new year; writing will be a part of my new life whether I ever get published. This site will probably be a part of my life, too. I thank you for allowing me to join.

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  • Cheryl Roshak Writing

    Hi Barbara, I'm a bit older than you and haven't been published. I started writing about 15 years ago and haven't the courage to send anything out yet. Also have just gone through major transitions and starting life anew or all over again actually.

    Having a trusted reader is so important. Putting it out there means what to you? I think you mean when you feel you have something concrete you want feedback on. But as I write, I have one or two friends who are excellent critics, telling me what they get, don't get, what's clear, not clear etc. I often join real time or online writing workshops just to with other writers, practice my craft and get peer critiques or my work. You might want to investigate some of those in your area or online. Good writing to you! :)

  • Hi, Barbara - Welcome. I started writing three years ago. I've learned a lot from the talented ladies here. I'm sure you will, too. 

  • Karin Velez

    It doesn't matter how old you are, whether you've been published, or whether you've written 1 story or 100; your passion for writing is what "qualifies" you to be here!

    Much success to you, Barbara.