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Galaxy Teacher Radio Passes 1000 Listeners
Written by
Sarah Paul
December 2012
Written by
Sarah Paul
December 2012

In October Galaxy Teacher Radio, the audio blog created by Sarah Paul as a marketing tool for her Galaxy Teacher Books and a teaching tool for Galaxy Teacher ideas, surpassed the 1000 count for weekly listeners. In fall of 2012, Sarah Paul, author, channeler, and host of GT Radio, presented 11 lectures on Basic Psychic Theory and Development, teaching from her two recent books, Existence Is A Big Invisible Brain, Introduction to Psychic Theory, and Dreaming Place, the I AM Method of Dream Interpretation. The lectures were surprisingly popular!

It seems to be far easier to draw listeners to the radio show than to draw readers to yet another writer's blog, and there is much more possibility for interaction with the listeners, who can call into the show and who can interact in a chat room attached to the studio. The radio show as an audio blog is something to consider for the new writer who is publishing and has something to teach, talk about, or share related to her writing. If however, you are a writer with only one book out and it does not teach or inform, such as a novel, and does not have a strong theme from which you can build radio conversation,  then I would not recommend radio. But for a writer like myself who publishes many books on one related topic, the radio is ideal.

Blogtalkradio offers free radio time and there are other internet radio stations. Google "internet radio" to find them. Radio is fun!

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