Attitude of Gratitude: How Feel Good Spaces is Changing Lives
Written by
Sherry Burton Ways
December 2012
Written by
Sherry Burton Ways
December 2012

Life is full of dreams and you know I never thought I would ever be an author of a book that is changing lives. I have been riding on a high since the book came out and perhaps I have not adjusted to the fact the book appears to be received well.    Recently, I held a book signing and workshop called “Reclaiming the Goddess at Home:  Creating Feel Good Spaces for Women.”  I was hoping to get across to women in particular the importance and need to create spaces for themselves to be uplifted and reassured so they can truly rock!

As a result of the workshop and the teachings behind it I received this e-mail from one of my colleagues:

“I have to tell you, I smudged the house today of one of the women who was at your workshop.  They desperately needed it!  The couple is stressed from a long cancer treatment and the relationship has been strained.  The house felt heavy.  So we began smudging back in their bedroom, got their son’s room, and then stepped into another room that felt completely different.  I actually gasped!  It was the room she had made over to a meditation room based on the information from your workshop!  She had made a space in the house that felt better!  - and had invited me to smudge to work on the rest. I left them dancing in the kitchen, feeling lighter.  I noticed her bagua still out on the kitchen table.  Your encouragement at the workshop inspired this whole family to step back toward wellness! ”

This was so humbling to me.  I did not realize the power of the words created in Feel Good Spaces or how it impacted a family on the journey to wellness.  Here is another:

“After falling again at church, I am once again resting. Because I do spend a lot of time at home, looking at the same walls and the same furniture, I am so grateful to have my new book, Feel Good Spaces, by Sherry Burton Ways. Sherry is one of my best friends from college and a wonderful Soror–SkeeWee!! She has consistently been trying to help me with Multiple Sclerosis since my first diagnosis. Her interior designs are among the best and, until I have the privilege of her coming to my house, I know that following the concepts in this book is the next best thing to help me live in healthy and comfortable surroundings. ”

Humbling at best.  I just want to say how much in gratitude I am.  Sometimes you have to hear things and understand how you show up in the world.  After learning these and other feedback, I just learned to check my EGO at the door and be grateful for the blessings Feel Good Spaces is giving to people.  Namaste!

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