Saving memories on old scraps and napkins
Written by
Shannon Vest
December 2012
Written by
Shannon Vest
December 2012

The task of looking through piles of tattered notebooks, papers, and yes, old napkins from random places seemed daunting at first. But with each page, I have found lost memories and people of the past that inspired so many things.

I seem to have predicted the drama that encompassed my life years before it happened. If only I had really listened to the intuition that drove me to write of love and madness. All the things that have led me to this winter coast to heal and move on. The madness disappeared with the man and that lost city full of lost souls...Lost Angeles. As I clear away the piles, stories reveal themselves and characters come to life. I love stories. I love this place on the Carolina coast. I live in a treasure chest! I found a napkin from a diner on one of my many soul searching, cross country journeys...

My life is a series of road trips and lonely diners selling Elvis clocks, belt buckles, and silly souvenirs. I scribble diligently on scraps of paper and folded napkins tucking them away to find them later when the memories have collected enough time to be safe.

And here I am, a girl who frequently dreams of tsunamis and rising tides,feeling grounded and safe on a skinny sand bar. Life is funny that way.

I urge anyone who takes the time to read this to rifle through the old stuff. You may be surprised at what you find.

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  • Tania Pryputniewicz

    I can very much relate to this post...looking through old notes, notebooks, sketches, etc., gives back that mirror. Am always humbled by how much I knew despite not being able to admit it, if that makes sense. Gratifying to see there were patterns, allies along the way.

    We live on a little strip of land between harbor and sea (after living in redwoods) and I too am swilling a bit at night in peripheral tsunami consciousness!