If The Shoe Fits
Written by
Rebecca Elswick
December 2012
Written by
Rebecca Elswick
December 2012

If the Shoe Fits

I recently got to travel to Las Vegas. It was the first time for me, and I was excited about seeing the city that sports more neon lights than any other. The first thing I saw when we deplaned at the Las Vegas airport was a row of slot machines. For the next three days, I saw more slot machines (and a variety of other gambling devices) than I had ever imagined existed in one city. But I also saw shoes!

Now, I ask you, why? Why do you take a lovely pair of heels and put spikes on them? SPIKES! Sure they are gold (at left) and silver (center) but unless you plan on using them as a weapon, do you really want spikes on your shoes?

I know there will also be a soft spot in my heart for high heeled shoes, because of my novel, Mama's Shoes. And I find myself noticing red heels when other colors pass by without my notice because my main character Sylvia LOVED her red heels. But, I can say without hesitation, that I noticed more shoes in Vegas then I normally do. Honestly, I have never seen shoes like the ones I saw in Las Vegas.

There were some that I supposed would be called boots, but with all the glitter and ribbons it was hard to tell! And regardless of the style, there was no way I could call the boots I saw, "cowboy"?

I mean, have you ever seen a cowboy in these?

Boots were very popular in Vegas and not all of them were sparkly and adorned with ornate designs. There were plenty of knee high leather boots. I saw many women wearing these with skirts even though the temperatures were in the 70s.I even saw tennis shoes that cost more than my car, but then, I also saw cars that cost more than my house.

The stores were filled with not only heels, but with heels that had platform soles. One night, I watched a woman in a pair of these try to walk up some stairs. The man with her had one arm and she was holding on to the handrail with the other. It looked like he was dragging her, and it was all they could do to get her up the stairs. But, they were pretty pink shiny patent shoes with high spiked heels and enormous platforms, so I guess it was okay that she couldn't walk in them!

And believe it or not, there were heels with platforms and spikes. I actually picked up the shoe with the spikes (above) and Icould barely lift it! No wonder the ladies I saw wearing these shoes had slim muscular legs! Walking in these shoes had to feel like you were dragging bowling balls on your feet. I did see one pair of shoes I liked that had high heels and platforms.  They are the rust colored ones in the picture above at right. Even though I would have no chance of walking in them, I did like them, and I saw women wearing such shoes that seemed to have no trouble (at least not much) walking in them. Most of the high heels I saw women wearing were in the casinos. These high heeled beauties wore fancy dresses and some even wore ball gowns. It was nothing to see women in gowns escorted by men in tuxedos. I even saw ladies working in the casino wearing said shoes. Some of them were not your "typical" working girls, however.

My days in Las Vegas were indeed an adventure. I will certainly remember the bright lights, outside escalators, restaurants with food to die for, and beautiful casinos and hotels. And, I will remember the shoes, but I did take other pictures besides shoes!

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  • Rebecca Elswick

    Elizabeth - I know! I felt sorry for some of the women who were "dragging" their shoes around. I see a podiatrist in their future!

  • Elisabeth Zguta Publishing

    Rebecca - thanks for the bright pictures.  I never saw shoes like these before.  I can't imagine walking in them.