Writer-Cat Friend Saves Life Not Unlike Woman's Best Lady

Let me get personal here? Have you hugged your husband-man, wife-woman, partner, parent, child, or pet today?

I'm loving my cat JJ more than ever today and for more than his sitting beside me when I'm at the computer checking e-mail, reading or writing in Facebook, Twitter, Storylane, or blogging. No matter what function, he's a comfort and an inspiration. Maybe he just loves the sound of clicking keys.

There's no question this gray tabby with white paws and belly is worth his weight in Platinum records. At 3:30 a.m. he walked on me and woke me up. No doubt he wanted to eat but I was ticked because I knew getting back to sleep would be a challenge. I thought it was 7 until Hubby told me it was 3:30. I turned over determined to sleep again.

When I couldn't after an hour, I got up with intention to sleep in the recliner. There wouldn't be that noisy C-Pap machine disturbing me while in the recliner because I wouldn't be lying down. No breathing restrictions while sitting up.

Crawling out of bed was scary because the dizziness swept me like a broom on linoleum. I stumbled to the kitchen and took blood pressure meds early, thinking that was the problem. Then I decided to check my blood sugar as any smart diabetic would do. (I don't always do it, though) The first reading and it was 65, which explained the dizziness. Hubby confirmed the reading and reminded me that we have the same meters, which are new. Quickly, I remembered all the years of passing out with that sort of reading. Once diabetes crept into my body, the low-blood sugar didn't go underground; it worsened.

In less time than a thought hits the air, I knew if I had stayed asleep, I would've died or, at the very least, gone into a coma. My doctor has always told me to check my blood sugar at bedtime and in the middle of night if possible so "you don't wake up dead." (She knows how much I love humor) I had habitually struggled with low-blood sugar long before diabetes woke-up a nation.

Thanks to J.J. because in four more hours as unthinkable as a tsunami's rise -- wrecking havoc with destruction and death -- I would've have woken up dead or in a coma. And my writing buddy is getting his hugs right now.

My writing buddy JJ died, and I'm crying and missing him badly. I never expected to hurt so much, and have put a pix of him in my phone, and will still use his name anywhere I can.

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