Life After Nanowrimo
Written by
PM Kester
December 2012
Written by
PM Kester
December 2012

My hand hurts but I am happy for the pain.


I cannot stop writing and this is good.  The one thing that I appreciate about Nanowrimo is that it reawakens the drive to write in a lot of writers.  Sometimes we can get caught up in agent rejection, manuscript rejection or just our own personal issues - and we forget our craft.  Nanowrimo reawakens it.  Our task is to simply, keep up the momentum and finish what we started.


I have like three projects that I have been working on:  a contemporary novel, a mystery series, and a YA series.  None of them would be possible without Nanowrimo and Campnanowrimo.  These love for writing has always been there.  I just needed the push.


My advice to all writers is to find ways to keep active in the writing community.  Get involved in so you can get your daily write on!  Get active on twitter and become apart of the great writing community that is there.  This month alone has seen the great contests of #pitchmas and #pitchwars.  These events got writers not only noticed but also helped us connect to others in the writing community.  Check out these sites for more info:


Also for more after Nanowrimo goodness check out this blog:



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