Weekend Inspiration
Written by
Emily Wenstrom
December 2012
Written by
Emily Wenstrom
December 2012

Write a story! Paint a picture! Dream a little!

This week’s inspiration is over here on Pinterest (originally from bluepueblo.tumblr.com). It's in the 50s here in DC again this week...I needed a reminder of what winter REALLY is. Enjoy!

Tell me … what’s got you inspired this week?

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  • Emily Wenstrom

    That's awesome, Sionan. I've been trying to do better at holding onto my old work, and this is a great reminder of the rewards that can come from it!

  • Shannon Vest

    I recently  moved to the beach where the salty, clean ocean air is so wonderful! It has an all around cleansing effect.  I found myself going through old writing that I had tucked away years ago and found 2 finished short film scripts along with many poems and pieces of various stories.  The ocean breeze has brought flow back to my life.  Mama ocean is my inspiration.