The Not So Great Canadian
Written by
Alysa Dobson
December 2012

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  • Cathy Cimato

    I am in the early stages of writing. Right now, trying to outline the story, and figure out the characters.

    Being a city girl myself-- I grew up in Toronto, but now I live US--I can see the possibilities of your blog. I also enjoyed reading  the Harvest 101 post in your blog. Truly, I have no clue what goes on, on a farm and it's interesting to read about that.

    Yeah some days with the boys can be great, but some days I am just tired of picking up cheerios off of the floor and changing diapers. 

  • Alysa Dobson

    The books sounds interesting. Where are you in the process of writing it?

    Yes, diapers and snacks and spills and all kind of chaos around here!  I love it, but some days....

    As for a current project, right now it is just my blog.  I'd like to figure out how to turn that into a book, but I feel a little lost at what my next step should be.  I also don't really have the time to devote to writing that I will when my girls are a little older, so for now it will probably remain just a blog.  I guess that's my reason for networking here.

  • Cathy Cimato

    Ha, time to write, what is that? I think I manage to steal some time when my boys are sleeping or at nursery school, but then there is cleaning  to do around the house, which means writing gets pushed back of course.

    My book is about a bride who finds herself getting cold feet as her wedding date approaches because she discovers she has feelings for another man.

    How do you find time to write? What's your current project?  Ever have the episode of changing a diaper on one kid and then having the other kid asking for a snack the same time? :)

  • Alysa Dobson

    Thanks Cathy!  I would love to hear more about your book: the process, what's it's about and how you are able to write as a full time mom. I have a hard time finding uninterrupted time to write- someone always needs a diaper change or a snack!  Take care. 

  • Cathy Cimato

    Hi Alysa, loved your post and had a little chuckle reading it.  I too am a Canuck and I cannot skate. Tried it once, fell on my butt one to many times and decided I didn't like it.