Nanowrimo Is Over - Now What
Written by
PM Kester
December 2012
Written by
PM Kester
December 2012

I finished and won with around 65K in my word count.  There were good days with high word counts and words pouring out of me like skittle rainbows.  There were bad days with blurred vision, arm cramps, and my brain on the fritz.

In the end, I finished and I am happy with what I accomplished - but I'm not done.

My story is was not wrapped up.  I am still revising it.  I am still on my writing grind.  But I feel I am in a better place.  I now have a writing rhythm.  To love this novel, to spend the time to revise and make it great, to give it little bits of me - these are now parts of my daily job.

Nanowrimo is over, but my noveling journey is not.

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