Death comes during the holidays.
Written by
Delaine Zody
November 2012
Written by
Delaine Zody
November 2012

I have held my breath. Another Thanksgiving behind us. No phone call bringing bad news. Last year the call came from Texas the day after Thanksgiving with news that my dear friend, Gail, had passed away the night before, only a few miles from my house. Her sister who made the call left it to me and our other friend to take care of all the issues that come when someone dies, like cleaning out the house. It would be almost Christmas before all the tasks were accomplished and the grief was overwhelming, keeping the joy out of the holiday season.

Twelve years ago the phone call came on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My 86 year old mother had suffered a major stroke and had no chance to recover. The doctor told us she would be gone within a week, but she lingered for a month, dying on Christmas morning. The holiday season spent in sadness and pain.

This holiday season will have celebrations, parties, events in which I will participate,but with baited breath, waiting for what might happen. The sadness still lingers. Hanging around in the corners. 

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