My Tradition on Alcatraz Takeback Remembrance Day.

This day is a hard day for many of us. So i have my own tradition for today.

'Thank you' warms my heart and heals my spirit, making the unseen web of life visible through the grace of gratitude. i quietly recall some of the people who have touched my life, people who i am thankful for.

Some i knew for a short time, like the birds landing in a tree in my Sacred area. Some stayed to make nests for awhile and fly away, like my grown children.

Some i have not seen in years and yet they are in my heart. Some i see frequently and do not tell them daily how profoundly they affect my life. Some i talk with daily by email, Faceborg and long distance phone call, yet i feel as close in my heart as if they were sitting right here with me on my couch in my home.

Some are often away, working to help change lives in a Good Way, such as a friend who was one of those who occupied Alcatraz island in 1969 on this day of remembrance. Some who i was teacher to, who do not know how i have been taught by them. Some who have mentored me helped me learn to save my own life, and may not know much how i truly try to pass on some of what they tried to teach me. Some - my parents - are happily lost in Love in their dementia and forget to answer the phone when i call from 3 thousand miles away. Some have passed over and yet lovingly walk close with me daily.

I talk with God about each them, about how these eternal connections are powerfully close despite distance or time or even estrangements. I have my joy and my tears, my thoughts, my feelings and my prayers.

And then i make a few phone calls to a few of these many people, to express, in many different ways, "You make a difference being on this planet. You have changed me by being in my life. Thank you."


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