Falling In Love With Your Novel
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012

I am half-way through revisions on a book that has changed me as a writer.

This book, my first completed novel, truly showed me that I have "the goods."  Through writing this work, I proved to myself that I could craft ideas and experiences, put them on paper, and create something that I could be proud of.

This week, I have approached my manuscript with a longing.  Whenever I put it away at night, I dream about it.  Whenever I return home, I can't wait to turn on my laptop and hear what it has to say.  It truly speaks to me.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I am truly thankful for the power of  words and the ability to master them.

My challenge to all writers this week is to fall in love with your works in progress and really listen to what it has to say.  You will not regret it.

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  • PM Kester

    Thanks for the comment Alexandra - always enjoy a good Hemingway quote:)  I view writing a lot of times as a sweet release.

  • Alexandra Caselle

    Perhaps if we fell in love with novels we would feel like Ernest Hemingway, "After writing a story I was always empty and sad and happy as though I had made love."