Hiring a Writer's Coach
Written by
Karen M Croley
November 2012
Written by
Karen M Croley
November 2012

Hi Everyone! I am in the process of hiring a writing coach - but, this arrangement is like no other and I would love to have your feedback regarding how much I should pay this person.

I have decided to do an intense program - self designed - to write my book in 90 days. The "writer's coach" I am looking for, is someone who will simply "hold my hand" every day during this process.

What does holding my hand look like?  Bascicaly, this person will be a friendly supportive presence over the phone. With each phone call I will be afforded the luxury of a "check-in" to see how it's going. Depending on how I am doing - productivity-wise, emotionally, or busy-ness will determine the amount of coaching needed. Am I looking for therapy? Absolutely not (I have done enough of that)! Am I looking for a Critique? Nope - that would stop my creative process where I plan on having a stream of consciousness lead me though finishing the content of the book - so the editing would happen after that. This person's most important mission with me will be to remind me of why I am needing to complete this project. Hearing this person affirm to me that "there are people out there waiting for this information!" will inspire me to keep going. And our connection will be soul based so that they understand how important and facilitative this project is for me. I also see it as being beneficial for both of us- in that, this connection/bond will create wonderful things along the way. It's an intense way of writing a book (90 days)- and yet my process will be supported and anchored in the journey. Lastly, it will be organic- in that, on some days a five minute phone call may all that is needed. Whereas on other days I may need forty minutes to feel inspired to write again. It sounds like I am asking for a Muse, but really I think of this person more like a "buddy".

So what are your thoughts? Have you tried this approach before? How much do you suggest I pay this person?

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