Nanowrimo Day 20 Q and A
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012

So I took this from a Huffington Post article that I thought was pretty cool.  Basically HuffPost is following some writers while they participate in Nanowrimo.  See the article here:


Try answering these questions via you own blog and maybe refer back to me:)


Title: Dear Oprah

What's your favorite sentence that you wrote this week?
Well damn – I am just not enticed to be the black girl bumping the new hot expletive laced rap track. I choose to be the one blasting the show tunes.

Describe a character in your book that you're fond of.
Right now, I'm growing to like the main character's mother because she is basically a "baddie." But, just writing about the evil acts and her dialogue is so freeing - it flows effortlessly from me.

How many words have you written so far?
I'm at 30,041 words - I was behind a dedicated literally every spare bit of time on Sunday and Monday to playing catch up.

Where and when have you been doing most of your writing?
At home in bed or in the living room on the sofa.

Have you had to sacrifice anything in the past week in order to devote yourself to your writing?

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