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Written by
Jennifer Boire
November 2012
Written by
Jennifer Boire
November 2012

Hi everyone, fellow sister writers,

I've been following posts for a while, and haven't really had time to write a blog post or even read everyone who is posting, but I do enjoy the updates that arrive in my email inbox once a week or so.

The recent blog on self-publishing got me engaged, and I appreciate the information and advice from other self-published authors. I like the term 'indie' publishing, and from now on, that's who I am. I initially started Little Red Bird Press with a book of poems that I published the old fashioned way, through a printer, and then 300 copies, minus a few sales and give-aways, are still sitting in my garage. The second book, non-fiction, The Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Woman in Her Forties needs to know, I got smarter and went with print-on-demand. I took a short course (2 hours) with a friend who gives classes on self-publishing, to orient me with this new on-line 'indie' way to go - from smashwords to createspace to iuniverse (which I just found out about). It was very confusing at first, but one year later, I start to understand better, plus I've taken two workshops on social media and How to be your own Publicist.

Being part of a forum or writer's community on-line is a godsend for me, a stay-at-home mom and retreat/workshop leader. I feel connected to other women writers around the continent (dare I say, world?) and find I crave that connection. When I went back to school in my thirties to study Creative Writing, and then a Masters degree, that was the biggest advantage - being connected with other writers, mentors and people struggling to get their voice heard, just like me.

Thanks so SheWrites for providing this on-line space of communication and sharing information. I will definitely spread the word to my writer friends in Montreal and the rest of Canada.

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  • Krissa Lagos

    So glad to hear that you're enjoying what She Writes has to offer, Jennifer. Fostering a sense of community and support among writers is our primary goal--it's gratifying to hear that we're succeeding! Happy to have you on board here.