Nanowrimo Day 12
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012

It's going better than I expected.

Isn't that a horrible expression - almost like you expected a writer's zombie apocolypse (no coffee or chocolate and the deadline is like 10 minutes ago).


I began super excited to participate in Nano but alas, as what usually happens each year - life began to happen.  I think I get spoiled.  People leave me alone for the first week.  The kids are actually sweet. No one is calling or banging on the door.  I get so much done!  But this peace ends just as soon as it begins.  The kids get whiney, the husband gets needy, and life starts to smack me in the head.


Unlike previous years, I am determined to press on.  I mean my story is so awesome I am afraid to not finish it! The story has to be told so if I have to cart my laptop around all month - so be it.

I am now truly feeling like a writer.


How is nanowrimo going for you?

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