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  • Dear Self-Published YA/Kids Authors in LA -- Here's a Bone
Dear Self-Published YA/Kids Authors in LA -- Here's a Bone
Written by
Valerie Wicks
November 2012
Written by
Valerie Wicks
November 2012

I'm young. I graduated college in 2008 (aka econogeddon). It's been pretty nasty. I went to film school, so I love storytelling. I had never tried writing a book as an adult and I didn't know anything about the industry, but I knew how to tell a good story. So one day, in a fit of inspiration (and all-consuming dread that the life I had worked so hard to create would never function properly), I began writing a novel.

The book went through 20+ drafts and 10 editors, mostly fellow film grads. None of us knew anything about publishing so I thought it was ok to self-publish while I did this thing called "query". Good -- my book was published and now I was finally free to educate myself about the business side of things. I went to conferences and spent half of every day researching general industryness on the web. I learned a lot! Including that agents would google me, discover I was self-published, and give me a dial tone before even opening my query. Great, barrel-to-foot-pull-trigger. Oh well, what's done is done. Maybe I can query my next book. IN THE MEANTIME, Barnes and Noble (yep, brick and mortar) loves my book and wants to do an event with me! Even more amazing, partial proceeds go to 826LA, a non-profit organization promoting literacy for kids!

HERE'S YOUR BONE, AUTHORS: I got lucky with this event, because I know first-hand how hard it is for self-published authors to get anyone to even glance in their direction. I want to extend the luck to you all. Guest authors are welcome to include their books in my holiday charity event at The Grove in LA. If you are interested in having your book at the fair, please contact me and if your book's clean, I will set you up with The Grove. Sooner would be better than later since it's a lot of paperwork for them :). Also, books that teens and kids can read are better, since it's in association with 826LA. Find out more here http://www.sevenspectral.com/#!events/c1cbw



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  • Geena Bean

    Great article Valerie, and what a wonderful website and intro for your YA novel.  I would love to read more about it.  I too am self-publishing a children's picture book through Amazon's Createspace in hopes that it will be released within the next few weeks.  The text and images are quite appealing, unique, clean and clear.  Not to mention that my message is worldwide, and I truly believe that both adults and children will appreciate reading this clever tale together.  Self-publishing has been the gateway for me to pursue other horizons; like finding and building a platform for my audience.  Would love to hear more about your experience as well as your work!