Bishop's Peak
Written by
Karen M Croley
November 2012
Written by
Karen M Croley
November 2012

Here is the first few pages of a new fictional novel I wrote recently.


Looking up at the trail that stretched long and steep before her, Katrina heaved a big sigh. Okay here we go, she announced to herself. This is what she needed, she declared to her spirit that had spent previous days waning down to nothing but a distant light in a sea of stars. This hike in nature was going to get her back on track.

“She told me she was going to get a lawyer! “ The girl in short shorts with bold tan legs beckoned passersby. Her friends consoled her with sympathizing replies. How could she? They screeched. “Her parents will never go for that!’ they tried to appease their friend. The girl jumped over a rock past Katrina keeping her attention on her friends who were following her. Katrina could feel the panic this girl felt as she jumped past her on the trail. She could only imagine the trouble brewing amongst this crew of young college girls. Probably sorority sisters, she thought.

Katrina looked up at the sky and was reminded of the tree canopy above her. There were oak trees that seemed to have lived here on this side of the mountain for a very long time. Some of them had moss dripping from their branches. But these trees began to comfort her and she felt she was already making progress in regaining her spirit back.

The trail leveled out and traversed around a rock outcropping. She saw three rock climbers – one of them calling out to another regarding the clamps and harness. She decided to ignore them and keep their thoughts out of her head. Then she looked up and saw two Hispanic ladies, one wearing a bright red t-shirt. They were heavily involved in conversation. The lady with the red shirt looked like she could be in her fifties while her friend looked much younger- maybe a sister? No, she decided against it- probably close friends were more like it. They kept a very short distance between them and yet spoke to each other as if they were neighbors calling out across the street. “Juanita! You cannot tell him … he will be so angry with you!” Her friend warned her. The woman became silent as she passed Katrina and gave her friend a look that said “keep quiet!”  Once again, Katrina caught wind of another emotional overwhelm – this time coming from this woman named Juanita. She gave them each a grin when they passed as if to say, don’t worry your secret is safe with me” Even though she had no idea what the secret was….

She was gaining elevation now, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. This was good, she was getting her heart rate up... she could use a work out- it had been a few days since she went to the gym.

Then a young couple came up from behind and passed her. They were moving at a fast pace. With their running clothes on she deduced they were trail runners. What a nice thing to share as a couple she thought to herself.  Then the young man called out to the young lady running in front of him, “I’ll write you!” “No, you won’t!” she yelled back. Silence held the space in between and around them like a heavy curtain was just drawn.  Katrina felt the sadness move in and occupy the air around her in which they just moved through. She sighed. It sounded like this couple would be forced to separate for a while…

Katrina saw that ahead of her would be a set of switchbacks. It was a sign that the mountain was getting even steeper. Her heart continued to pound away in her chest yet her breathing was steady. She had learned good breathing techniques in her yoga classes. The sun was slowly making its way across the sky getting ready to lower into the ocean a few miles away. She figured it was probably around 4 o’clock.  She knew the hike took an hour to get to the top of the peak and a little less than an hour to get down. She would make it before sunset easy.

Part One


To be continued..

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