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Written by
PM Kester
November 2012
Written by
PM Kester
November 2012

I have been very protective of my writing - cradling it like a newborn baby.  I had an idea for story last November.  Got 10 pages in and buckled under the pressure.  This summer I buckled down and knocked out 50k in a month thanks to CampNanoWrimo.  Afterwards I had the meat, but I wasn't sure of where I was going with it.  Well in October, after I finished up what I will call Draft 2 (with pages thrown away, things arranged) - the story took shape.  Now during Nano it is coming together in a perfect order that is devine.

I wrote the summary below for a.)feedback b.) because people keep asking me what's it about and c.)I usually don't know what to say (weird right!).

Jessi is living the life she always wanted.  She escaped poverty, has a great house, loving husband, and brilliant children - yet her past continues to beckon her.  Estranged from her mother for a number of years, the only contact she has is seeing the boxes and cards her mother randomly sends to the kids.  That changes one day when she receives a certified letter baring an ultimatum. 

On a emotional rollercoster, Jessi uses Oprah and a series of letters as both an escape and a tool to heal herself and her family.

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  • Joanna Truman

    Absolutely! Happy to help. Feel free to let me know when you've had another go.

  • PM Kester

    Thank you so much! I've been looking for someone to provide some clarity and it is MUCH appreciated! If you don't mind, when I flesh it out some more I would love to bounce it off you.

  • Joanna Truman

    Hi there! Wanted to offer some feedback on your summary. I'm a new member here and looking for ways to reach out to the community. 

    I'm intrigued by your summary - I think it's just a little too bare-bones right now. It feels like the book could be many things - is it a family drama? A mystery? A thriller? I want to be able to tell the genre from the summary. And it can be a mix of genres of course - just need more of an idea of what I'm getting into. I'd also love to know a little more about Jessi. From what we're given, it seems like she is a strong person if she was able to escape a bad life and start a new one, but I need more about her personality and her circumstances for her to feel real to me. Also, the last line - how does she use Oprah and a series of letters? At first I thought that might mean the book is told in a series of letters, which sounds neat - but I think this last line just needs a little more clarity, to be expounded upon more. Give us some more juicy details! :)

    Hope that helps! Of course feel free to take or leave it however you choose. Good job hanging in there with the story throughout the many months!