“My new best friend…Brad Pitt!”
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
October 2012
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
October 2012


Well, in my dreams, that is. I find it very curious that I dream of Brad Pitt on such a consistent basis that I feel like I know him personally, like somehow we must be connected…right? Hey…I can wish, can’t I? Anyway, I’ve been dreaming of Brad about every two weeks, like clockwork, for the past three years. I have no idea why, except probably because he’s exceptionally good looking and seems so accessible, like a regular guy next door, a very hot regular guy next door, so that I can understand. 

It’s not like I see him on television much, now and then I furtively glance at an article of him while standing in a checkout aisle, or I may sometimes see a movie in which he’s starring. But not more than any other well-known actor that I’ve had a celebrity crush on throughout the years. I mean, I am known to have lucid, very memorable, interesting dreams of all types … that I’m used to. But why the reoccurring Brad Pitt theme? I guess in a way I’ve grown up with him, at least since he splashed across the screen in all his glory in Thelma and Louise, back in 1991. And he’s about eight years younger than me, so maybe it’s a bit of a cougar thing. I’ve been blessed enough to also dream of Channing Tatum, Mark Wahlberg (Markie Mark!), Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell…the list goes on. I mean, who hasn’t on occasion dreamt of a celebrity? But they come and go, like ghosts in the night. But Brad, well that’s a different story altogether.

Last night I dreamt that a friend got a job on a movie set in which Brad was shooting a scene from his latest movie. My friend asked me to go with her, so I did, and ended up becoming an extra. In between filming I started goofing off, acting silly, saying amusing stuff, not realizing that Brad was standing within earshot. Well, he started laughing at the funny comments I was making, and came over and started talking to me. Soon we were chatting about everything from soup to nuts, and every break he had in shooting he made his way over to me. I ended up being there for several days as an extra, and soon we became fast friends. It wasn’t a sexual connection (darn it), more like we were high school friends… innocent hugs, whispering into each other’s ears, going out to catch a bite to eat. Just really good, platonic buddies. Well, I did give him a friendly kiss or two, but I was always worried that Angelina would find out and there’d be hell to pay. 

So over the past three years I’ve ridden a roller coaster with Brad, cracked open coconuts on a deserted island (my third book starts with this dream), escaped bad guys chasing us down a dark alley, rode together on a motorcycle …you name it. I can tell you his favorite vacation spot, what kind of ice cream he prefers, the type of furniture in his living room. It’s crazy, but I look forward to our nighttime adventures. He just pops up when he hasn’t seen me for a while, probably missing our private laughs and entertaining adventures, so I guess I’ll let him visit for a little longer. Anyway, it makes me smile when I wake up in the morning. I guess I should stop questioning our frequent nocturnal rendezvous and just thank my lucky stars that I’m the one who gets to hang out with Brad Pitt, that I’m his new best friend!


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