Moonlight and Magnolias

I spent this past weekend at Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight and Magnolia’s conference.  I have never been to a writer’s conference before so I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was fabulous.  I learned so much, made lots of new friends and had the experience of a lifetime.  The other writers  were friendly and helpful.  Sometimes I am a little nervous going into a new group of women.  You never know what it will be like.  They were amazing.  It wasn’t cliqueish at all.

It was a joy to talk craft with women who didn’t just nod their heads and smile.  Some of them had crazier habits than I do.  As much as I love my friends at home I loved that I could speak to these women about the joys and difficulties of writing. I could see on their faces, they knew.

I talked to women in the hotel lobby about Twitter and blogging.  I spoke to women in workshops about emotion, tension and how to interview your characters.  I spoke to women and men at dinner about Stephen King’s writing voice and traded Harry Potter quotes.  I spoke to women in the bathroom about royalties and traditional publishing and another woman at a book signing about self publishing.  Synopsis, Subtext and Sweet Romance were taught in classrooms. Agents and Editors listened as I made my first pitches.  It was magical.  These were my people.

The Lord blessed me with the experience of a lifetime and opened a whole new door with a bunch of new friends on the  other side.

Thank you ladies of Georgia Romance Writer’s!  You look fabulous!!

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