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Written by
Vicki Batman
October 2012
Written by
Vicki Batman
October 2012

Discovering Reading Magic 

Many years ago, I'd browsed my local Half Price Books and picked up a book to read: Maeve Binchy's Light a Penny Candle.


I'd seen the movie, Circle of Friends, with Chris O'Donnell and Minnie Driver, and loved it. But HPB didn't have a copy of that one for sale. Instead, I picked up Light a Penny Candle, read the back cover blurb, and said, yeah, I could read this. The book was pretty hefty, too, but not intimidated. Since I'd devoured Gone With the Wind several times, I knew I could whiz through this one.


I went to a conference with Handsome and hadn't had much opportunity to read. When time to leave, we were standing outside of the resort's entryway, waiting for the airport shuttle. I had the tome cradled in my arm. A woman--obviously, a book lover--leaned over and said, "You'll love this book. It's a three hankie one."


Three hankie? Oh, dear. Was it too girly and weepy?


On the plane, I began the book and quickly, became engrossed. I found it to be thoroughly engaging. I totally immersed myself in the characters' lives, and when over, did need a tissue. That's rare.


Ms. Binchy passed away recently at age 72. Most of her books are mainly based on small towns in Ireland and London. She wrote sixteen novels and short stories. Light a Penny Candle was published in 1982 and became a bestseller. A Week in Winter will be published this year. From Mail Online, I found she sold 40 million books and loved champagne. (Me, too!)


Goodbye, Ms. Binchy. And thanks for a lot of great reads.



Have you read an author who passed and really miss reading their work? Who would it be?




Vicki Batman is cradling a newly popped diet Coke and studying her latest work in progress, a holiday story, with no title. Find her at: or at: . Coming Dec 5 from MuseItUp Publishing  is "Twinkle Lights."

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