Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton
Written by
Barbara Morrison
October 2012
Written by
Barbara Morrison
October 2012

Memory certainly works in mysterious ways. I was reading _Abide with Me_, by Elizabeth Strout, author of one of my favorite books, _Alice Kitteridge_. _Abide with Me_ follows Tyler Caskey, the minister of the small, New England town of West Arnett in the winter of 1959. Burdened with grief, he lives with his young daughter, Katherine, in a farmhouse a little ways outside of town while his younger daughter, Jeanne, lives with his mother in the nearby town of Shirley Falls.

Reading it, I thought of Anne Tyler. Because it was about a minister, I thought about Marianne Robinson's _Gilead_ and _Home_, although this book is less about religion and faith than those two books.

And I thought about _Ethan Frome_, a book I haven't read since middle school. I remembered being bored by it then and dismayed by the unrelenting New England winter so vividly portrayed, not that that stopped me from later falling in love with New England winters myself. But I remembered the book being about a grizzled and cantankerous old man holed up in an isolated farmhouse with his young daughter, a bit like Tyler and Katherine.

Imagine my surprise when I started rereading _Ethan Frome_ to find out that it is not the book I remembered! Read all

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