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  • A tea to rev up your writing life...
A tea to rev up your writing life...
Written by
Ramola D
October 2012
Written by
Ramola D
October 2012

Posting a link to my blog--where one of the things I aim to do these days is post one herbal focus or recipe each week especially intended for those of us who slave away at words while roots seem to grow out from our nether regions :)

If you're experiencing a flagging of energy by midday or mid-afternoon, if you feel at times separated from your once-alive burning drive and the ambition and energy you might have experienced in your teens and twenties, if you'd like to wake up every day with renewed vigor and vitality, if you need stamina and energy to finish your work on a daily basis, look to the lowly herb, the stinging nettle. There are many stories about this herb, and many herbalists rave about "her" powers, her multi-vitamin content, her mineral content, and her vitalizing effects on the adrenal glands and kidneys--nettle is not a stimulant like ginseng or ephedra but a slow and reliant infuser of energy and stamina.

Links and more to articles by herbalists on the nettle, including a recipe for nettle infusion at http://afterviews.blogspot.com/

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