Written by
Marie Kinneer
October 2012
Written by
Marie Kinneer
October 2012

I’ve never feared the judgement of my peers. Have always been my own person–shy, quiet, but comfortable in my own skin.
My parents’ opinion was the only one that mattered so I made straight A’s in school and was careful not to be caught doing something I shouldn’t.

When a toddler I witnessed my mother using my dad’s razor strap on my older sister’s bottom. Fear of corporal punishment made me a model of good behavior. Growng up and witnessing the death of relatives and friends made me fear the unknown.

Today I fear nothing. I watched my thirty-nine year old baby girl, crippled with a brain tumor, suffering pain I couldn’t imagine, but with a brave smile for all who visited her in her last days. Finally, I witnessed her last breaths as I lay beside her in her hospital bed.

What’s left to fear?

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  • Marie Kinneer

    Healing takes a long time, I'm finding. Thank you for your thoughts. Friends are God sent.

  • LaDonna Reed

    Hello Marie: I'm sorry for your loss, I wish I can say I fear nothing, but I still allow fear to "plague" me. I'm working on overcoming fear, but as I'm finding out, it's a daily process.

    It's so great that you fearless.