Book Review For Sonia's Song

I have read many books about the Holocaust, and Sonia's Song has to be one of the most touching and inspirational of those.

Sonia told this story beautifully, very much what I imagine it must be like having her sit with you telling her history over tea. She gave such an open and honest account of what it was really like to be a Jewish child doing everything in her small power to live. All of the things we take for granted--the right to an education, to live without fear, to practice our religion with pride, to be proud of who we are and our heritage, even just to walk down the street--were all taken away from her.

What I was most impressed with in this story is that Sonia didn't complain or lay blame. Yes, she expressed her anger but the story didn't stem from that. She showed us how people can go through the greatest devestation and turn to the gifts they have to help pull them through. It was beautiful to see that with all she went through, she grew into a beautiful, happy and successful woman. And I was especially drawn to how she turned to music for comfort, as I have always done.

Sonia's Song is a powerful story of survival, strength and perserverance. I loved every page. This story is as important a read for learning about the Jewish people during the Holocaust as The Diary of Anne Frank. Thank you, Sonia, for sharing your incredible story.

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