Written by
Bwandungi Mugarura
September 2012
Written by
Bwandungi Mugarura
September 2012

(Nabbed from my Wordpress blog.)

Let’s start with the side note.

One of my old blogs seems to get tons of traffic every day simply because I have a picture of a broken heart on it. Would I be remiss in putting that same image here to get clicks? Hmmmmm….

Testing this broken heart thingy… maybe I’ll include it in all my posts!

On a more serious note, I think something someone said to me the other day is finally sinking in. I talked about the trials and tribulations I was having with my protagonist and she suggested that I write for one of my favorite Hollywood characters. She meant that I should write the story, picturing one of the characters they have played and try to match the personality of that character to my protagonist.

Should I try it?

Gratuitous picture of Denzel Washington

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