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Written by
Vicki Batman
September 2012
Written by
Vicki Batman
September 2012

Handbag Mania  - Enid Collins


Several years ago, an Enid Collins bag caught my eye when I was sick and tired of the department store offerings of garbage bags, and I had to have it. Because…

My confession:  I ADORE handbags.

Yeah, most of you probably know that. LOL.

I know, I know, most women are into shoes. I would be except I have small feet--7 narrow--and shoes are hard to fit. And I have a bum right ankle; so heels are out.

 But handbags... Sigh. I can put one over my arm, around my wrist, under my arm, or over my shoulder and am one happy camper.

So I began to explore eBay. (Uh-oh, you say, not eBay. We'll never see you again, VB. LOL.) I bid on an Enid linen and leather tote, entitled Cable Car and sat back and waited. Imagine me when I won!

Cool! Let's do that again. So I found a box bag--Pavan--and won it!

Cool! Now, I am a collector. And am obsessed. Suddenly, in every antique store, I find an Enid bag I have to have. One clutch I found came from a mall. It had been manufactured by the Tandy Corporation after they bought Enid Collins. Here's a photo of all my treasures:



So my collection grew. I still check on eBay and ETSY. And found more Enid pin! Now, I have three. See what you think:




So what's your obsession--shoes, bags, pins, books, vintage postcards, kaleidoscopes, Viewmasters (oops, more of VB's collections). Share yours!




With a newly popped diet Coke by her computer screen, Vicki Batman is about ready to click on the eBay button and shop some more. Find her at: Or at: Her latest is "Store Wars," a hilarious romantic short story: .

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