My First Book is Out!
Written by
Lacey Louwagie
September 2012
Written by
Lacey Louwagie
September 2012

After mentioning Hungering and Thirsting for Justice so often in passing on this blog, I'm proud to say that it's finally available for pre-order! Books will ship on September 15.

Hungering and Thirsting for Justice is a collection of ten true stories by young adult Catholics in their twenties and thirties. All of them address different social justice issues, including immigration, GLBTQ rights, the death penalty, abortion, women's rights, and more. But these are not "sermons" about why one should believe a certain way. Instead, these are stories about how real people have been affected by these issues, and how their journey toward justice has been impacted by and intersects with Catholicism.

This is not a book that puts people or complex moral issues into easy categories. I don't expect all our readers to agree with our writers, and I don't think our writers expect that, either. I do hope that this book contributes to an understanding that real people are at the heart of "hot button issues" that get reduced to sound bytes in our culture, especially in an election season. And I hope that this book helps those who struggle to reconcile or integrate their stance on justice issues and their faith background to see that they are not alone.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied." - Matthew 5:6

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  • Congratulations:)

  • Lacey Louwagie

    Thank you for your post, Emiliana. I'm very humbled and grateful to have been part of this project, but the real kudos go to the writers who shared their stories and ACTA Publications for their bravery in fostering and standing behind the book. They are an independently owned Catholic publisher that does not shy away from the diversity of experiences with Catholicism and Christianity, and I've admired them for that for a while. I feel very honored that I got to work with them on this book!

  • Emiliana Martín

    Congratulations! Stories about the reality of the Catholic church must be told. Glad you're among those authors brave enough to tell it.