My First Rejection!

I got my first rejection today!  I sent a query (no ms) to an agent who judged my work for the contest my book won.  She had said in the critique I got back that she "might" be interested in seeing it after some editing. Well my manuscript has been professionally critiqued and edited. So I sent it. I got back a rejection not from her but an assistant. It said after consideration they felt my book was not a good match for their agency. 

Interestingly enough I was excited.  Is that strange?  I assumed I would be crushed, upset and devastated.  Nope.  I just feel like a real writer.  Weird. I think it's my age.  I don't think I care that much what people think anymore.  Anyone else feel this way?

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  • Elena Losasso Dillon

    Elizabeth, Julie and Ariel, Thanks so much for your responses!  I really appreciate them all. I think why it didn't bother me much is because I was originally going to self publish.  My editor has convinced me to query even if it is just for the experience and since there is no rush I agreed.  She contacted a literary agent for me and the agent wants to read it so I sent it to her first.  She is one month behind on her ms reading so it will be a little while still until I hear from her. I queried the other agent for the experience and because she had mentioned that she "might" want to see  it. I figure what can I lose? Now I can say I've been rejected like other authors and I feel like I am in good company. =) I am really enjoying the interaction in our forum here and I love that other women are in my same situation!  Many blessings to you all and please let me know if I can help you on any of your projects! 


  • Elisabeth Zguta Publishing

    Congratulations - you got a response and a reason.  Too bad the original person who read it never saw the scubbed up version.  Personally, at my age I don't feel like waiting for someone else to navigate my course.  I decided I will self publish.  There are those who look down on selfpub, but I think that will be the way of the future - economies will dictate the direction.  Best of luck in your venture.

  • Julie Bennett Hume

    Congrats! I'm looking forward to my first rejection. I think you know your book is good, but you probably have a long road ahead before you get it published. Why shouldn't you be excited? You are a real writer and people are reading your stuff.....

  • Ariel Rosetti Promoting

    Don't feel bad. I got one from a publisher in England; I believe in testing the waters every where I can. Two people in their office read the manuscript; a man and a woman. They each said different things. But the idea is that the current term of today is that it is not a good fit-that they agreed on. But one thing is certain, I know that my stuff was good enough; I was published yesterday day. I am stubborn and determined.

    Published my book online on 9/3/12 with a good publisher its in their bookstore.